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Congratulations to The 2015 July Bar Stipend Recipients!

Janelle Wilke, Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law

"I am beyond thrilled and humbled to have been chosen for the Orange County Women Lawyers Association Bar Stipend. Taking and passing the Bar exam is the final hurdle required of me in order to meet my ultimate goal of helping others through the law. Though the Bar will take three days of my life to complete, preparation for the exam will take far more time and commitment, as well as a toll on my own limited finances.

"With the stipend that the OCWLA has graciously provided, I am able to worry less about finances and concentrate on study, focus, and personal advancement to becoming a licensed attorney. Most importantly, however, the stipend has inspired me to help other students achieve their goals in the future, just as the OCWLA has helped me. I am so genuinely grateful to the OCWLA for their support. "

Jeannette Garcia, Western State College of Law

"I am so grateful for receiving the OCWLA Bar Stipend because I will be able to advance my goals. This stipend means that I am one step closer to becoming an attorney and continuing a life of public service as an attorney. "

Madison Burga, Western State College of Law

"I am very grateful and honored that I was selected to receive the Diversity Bar Stipend and look forward to working with OCWLA throughout my legal career. OCWLA's generosity means that I can focus all of my attention preparing for the bar exam. "

Natasha Gonzales, Whittier Law School

"I have always been strong willed and outspoken which has not always been the easiest path but I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to do so, from fighting to play baseball with the boys because there was no girls’ team as a child to arguing gender discrimination in law school. Growing up in my mother’s small business I know the importance of community support so when the opportunity arose to join OCWLA and represent my school I jumped at the chance. It has been wonderful to meet and volunteer with the OCWLA board. The sense of community and the support for women’s issues has been encouraging to an up and coming lawyer like myself. I think for the advancement of women we as a community need to support women and to me this bar stipend symbolizes that. It symbolizes that all of the people who donate and support OCWLA are supporting me in my endeavor to pass the bar exam and that is truly humbling. Thank you OCWLA and those who support them. "

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