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OCWLA History of Awardees

Nominations Open For 2024 Awardees

Deadline to nominate:
Friday, March 29, 2024

OCWLA Judge of The Year Award

The Judge of the Year Award is to recognize outstanding jurists who have demonstrated excellence in their work, have significantly contributed to the legal community and who have shown a commitment to advancing women in the profession.

Criteria for evaluation of nominees include:

  • Excellence as a jurist
  • Contributions to the legal community
  • Leadership experience
  • Community involvement and volunteer work
  • Commitment to advancing women in the profession
  • Five years experience on the bench is highly recommended
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OCWLA Attorney of The Year Award

The OCWLA Attorney of the Year Award is to recognize an outstanding member of the Orange County legal community. The successful nominee should have a proven commitment to advancing women in the profession and to advancing women’s interests. The candidate should be well-established in the Orange County legal community and have at least 10 years in practice.

Evaluation criteria include:

  • Significant career achievement and experience
  • Contributions to the local bar and community organizations
  • Leadership experience
  • Public service or pro bono work
  • Mentorship
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OCWLA Advancement of Women Award

This award seeks to recognize and celebrate a law firm, non-profit or other organization, whose culture and work supports the advancement of women in the firm and in the Orange County legal community. Evaluation criteria include:

  • Women in leadership within the organization
  • The organization’s contributions to the community
  • An environment that fosters career opportunities and development of female attorneys
  • Members’ of the organization demonstration of leadership and participation in and support for bar and community organizations
  • Work that advances the interests of women generally
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Judge of the Year Awardees

1987 Hon. Harmon Scoville
1988 Hon. Sheila Prell Sonenshine
1989 Hon. Betty Lou Lamoreaux
1990 Hon. Frances Munoz
1991 Hon. Jacquelyn D. Thomason
1992 Hon. Linda H. McLaughlin (deceased)
1993 Hon. Eileen C. Moore
1994 Hon. Betty Elias (deceased)
1995 Hon. Nancy Wieben Stock
1996 Hon. Donald E. Smallwood (deceased)
1997 Hon. Kathleen O'Leary
1998 Hon. William MacDonald (deceased)
1999 Hon. Edward J. Wallin
2000 Hon. Jack K. Mandel
2001 Hon. Tam Nomoto Schumann
2002 Hon. Marjorie Laird Carter
2003 Hon. Frederick P. Horn
2004 Hon. Robert B. Hutson
2005 Hon. Wendy Lindley
2006 Hon. Pamela Iles
2007 Hon. Francisco Firmat
2008 Hon. John Nho Trong Nguyen
2009 Hon. Alicemarie Stotler (deceased)
2010 Hon. Arthur Nakazato
2011 Hon. Jamoa Moberly
2012 Hon. Franz Miller
2013 Hon. James J. Di Cesare
2014 Hon. Glenda Sanders
2015 Hon. Josephine L. Staton
2016 Hon. Gail Andler
2017 Hon. Maria D. Hernandez
2018 Hon. Karen L. Robinson
2019 Hon. Elizabeth Macias
2021 Hon. Erithe A. Smith
2022 Hon. Deborah C. Servino
2023 Hon. Claudia J. Silbar

Everyday Heroes

Nominate an Everyday Hero

Annee Della Donna
Pamela Tahim Thakur
Jeanann Khalife
Laverne Bugna
Denisha McKenzie
Bettina Yanez

Mei Tsang
Rosanna E. Moreno
Mark Edwards
Kimberly Valentine
Staycie Sena
Jane Stoever

Nancy Dahan
Michelle A. Philo
Michael Baroni
Shirin Forootan
Maria Stearns
Sheneice J. Smith

Jennifer Friend
Shara Beral Witkin
Ellen Ahn
Brooke Weitzman 
Antoinette Naddour
Kimberly La Salle

Attorney of the Year Awardees

1993 Grace E. Emery (deceased)
1994 Pat Herzog (deceased)
1995 Elaine Streger
1996 Michelle A. Reinglass
1997 Margie Dickinson (deceased)
1998 Jane Shade
1999 Scott Wylie
2000 Marjorie Fuller
2001 Cisca Stellhorn
2002 Hon. Franz Miller
2003 Jennifer Keller
2004 Jean Hobart
2005 Pearl Gondrella Mann
2006 Susan Cameron Kelley
2007 Michelle Lents
2008 Donna Bashaw
2009 Solange Ritchie
2010 Terese Oliver
2011 Wylie A. Aitken
2012 Steven Hittelman
2013 Ashleigh Aitken
2014 Joan Huckabone Mayer
2015 Karen "Kerry" Polyakov
2016 Michele Johnson
2017 Mary-Christine "M.C." Sungaila
2018 Andra B. Greene
2019 Lei Lei Wang Ekvall
2021 Christy Lea
2022 Antoinette Naddour
2023 Kate Corrigan

Advancement of Women Awardees

2018 Best Best & Krieger LLP
2019 Walsworth - WFBM, LLP
2021 Julie Davis & Taco Bell Legal Counsel
2022 Community Legal Aid SoCal
2023 The Orange County Bar Association

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