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Member Committees

Governance Committee*

Chair: Michelle Philo

Membership & Engagement Committee

Membership Chairs: Colleen McCarthy & Laurie Rowen
Communications Chair:
Michelle Philo, Laurie Rowen, Lucia Valenzuela, Tracy Hughes
Membership Recruitment & Engagement Sub-Committee: Tracy Hughes, Lucia Valenzuela, Jessica Achtsam, Kelly Galligan, Dana Heyde, Proud Usahacharoenporn
Social Media/Communications Sub- Committee: Michelle Philo, Laurie Rowen, Tracy Hughes

The Membership Committee is responsible for raising awareness about the OCWLA and its mission, attracting new members, retaining existing members, and helping members engage with OCWLA.

  • New Member Recruitment Subcommittee (includes outreach to in-house counsel, law students, etc.)
    Responsible for recruiting new members to the OCWLA and organizing specific targeted outreach to engage segments of the legal community that are underrepresented in the OCWLA membership.
  • Member Engagement Subcommittee: (includes past presidents, mentorship program, and creative games/activities to engage existing members in outreach)
    Responsible for intentionally engaging existing members in the mission and activities of the OCWLA, soliciting feedback from its members on an ongoing basis and developing guidelines and overseeing the process for the mentorship program. This includes soliciting and evaluating nominations for Everyday Hero monthly meeting award and Bar stipend recipients for Board approval.
  • Social Media/Communications Sub-Committee
    Responsible for keeping OCWLA website content updated and relevant; developing online membership directory for purposes of facilitating referrals for its members; providing guidance regarding emails sent by OCWLA to members; establishing clear guidelines for OCWLA list serve; and engaging members via social media platforms including disseminating information regarding upcoming events.

Events Committee

Chair: Kelly Galligan
Events Committee Members – Jessica Munk, Caroline Djang, Proud Usahacharoenporn

The Events Committee shall be responsible for organizing events which furthers the mission of OCWLA, raises funds for OCWLA, and develops meaningful professional connections.  Events include the Annual Gala, Mardi Gras, Women Judges Reception, Holiday Installation Dinner and mixers/socials.  

  • Awards Subcommittee*
    Chair: Jacqueline Beaumont
    Member: Jessica Achtsham, Kelly Galligan, Colleen McCarthy
    Responsible for soliciting and evaluating nominations for awards related to these events (i.e. Attorney of the Year, Judge of the Year, President’s Award, etc.)
  • Annual Gala Subcommittee
    Kelly Galligan
  • Gala Committee Members: Tracy Hughes, Jessica Munk, Lucia Valenzuela, Betty Fracisco, Heather Stangle-Smith, Shelly Aronson, Dana Heyde, Caroline Djang, Proud Usahacharoenporn
  • Gala Foundation Liaison: Sarah Nowels

Programs Committee – Luncheons

Chairs Dana Heyde (Jan – May) & Lucia Valenzuela (June – Nov.)
Committee Members: Jacqueline Beaumont, Colleen McCarthy, Caroline Djang

The Program Committee shall be responsible for arranging all programs for the education of the membership with the approval of the Board.

  • Sponsorship Subcommittee
    All board members

    Responsible for procuring sponsors and vendor partners for programs.

Philanthropy Committee*

Chairs: Jessica Munk, Jessica Achtsam
Members: Dana Heyde, Laurie Rowen, Heather Stangle-Smith

The Philanthropy Committee shall be responsible for developing criteria by which OCWLA will evaluate requests for charitable involvement and partnerships and create a structure for how our membership can get involved and engaged in OCWLA’s philanthropic activities. It would also be responsible for recommending to the Board opportunities for OCWLA charitable involvement.

  • Make recommendations to the board regarding philanthropic giving. OCWLA aims to keep at least 50% of its annual operating budget in the bank account at fiscal year end. The remainder may be, but is not required to be, used for philanthropic giving.
  • Partner with worthy philanthropic organizations or non-profits in effort to build consistency over the years, and possibly even a sponsorship over time, to give back, but also to get our name out.
  • Seek out worthy philanthropic activities for our members to participate in, which gives back and/or serves our community.
  • Facilitate the collection and disbursement of any donations of money and other items.
  • Responsible for soliciting and evaluating applications for grants related to charitable giving.

Finance Committee*

Chair: Dana Heyde
Committee Member: Lucia Valenzuela

The Finance Committee shall be responsible for finance-related matters.

California Women Lawyers

Chairs: Betty Fracisco and Shelly Aronson
Represent OCWLA at CWL events and perform duties as liaison to the organization.

Law Student Outreach and Services

Chairs: Heather Stangle-Smith, Lucia Valenzuela
Committee Members: Caroline Djang, Proud Usahacharoenporn

Book Club

Chairs: Betty Fracisco and Dana Heyde
Member: Jessica Munk, Heather Stangle-Smith, Shelly Aronson

Nominating Committee*

Chair: Kelly Galligan
Members:  Dana Heyde, Lucia Valenzuela

*These committees only consist of OCWLA Board Members due to the confidentiality of applications, nominations, or other materials received by the OCWLA Board of Directors.

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