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OCWLA Featured Member, Shirin Forootan

Monday, September 12, 2022 11:05 AM | Executive Director (Administrator)

Company Name: Forootan Law

Recent Professional Accomplishment: After having worked for years at defense and plaintiff firms practicing employment law, I opened my own firm, Forootan Law, last Fall. I represent both sides--companies and employees--in employment litigation. I also provide workplace training, conduct workplace investigations, and provide expert testimony. This year I hired two law student clerks and one associate. I look forward to celebrating a successful first year at Forootan Law with my team.

Fun Fact About Me: I enjoy taking walks by the beach while listening to wellness podcasts.

Philanthropic Interests: Orange County United Way

Practice Area: I represent employees and companies in employment litigation, as well as provide advice and counsel, workforce training, and HR expert testimony.

What is your favorite part about OCWLA? Networking, The Gala

Is there anything else you would like the OCWLA Members to know about you? I am so grateful to know so many of OCWLA members, and for those I do not yet know, I very much look forward to meeting you. To know other Orange County women lawyers that support each other is truly special and very necessary in the legal field. See you at the gala!

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