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OCWLA Featured Member, Heather Stangle-Smith

Wednesday, January 20, 2021 7:29 AM | Executive Director (Administrator)

Name: Heather Stangle-Smith

Place of Work: Associate General Counsel, Optum

Fun Fact About Me:  I’m an animal lover, and my husband and I have two cats and two dogs, all rescues. I also became a vegetarian when I was 10 after watching the movie “Babe” (with the talking pig)!

Philanthropic Interests: Some organizations that are close to my heart include the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County; The Guidance Center in Long Beach; Planned Parenthood of Los Angeles; Forever Footprints; Charlotte’s Purpose; and many animal rescues, including Heritage Humane Society and Zoey’s Place Rescue.

Practice Area:  As Associate General Counsel, I provide legal support for the federal health services business of Optum and UnitedHealth Group, which helps federal agencies tackle some of the biggest challenges in health care.

Favorite part about OCWLA: Book club, Philanthropy events

Anything else you would like OCWLA Members to know about you: I’m proud to be starting my third year as a member of the OCWLA Board of Directors—something I only dreamed of when I moved to California from the Washington, DC area five years ago and attended my first OCWLA event without knowing anyone. This organization truly empowered me as an attorney in my new home state, and continues to do so.

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